Judy's Mission
You can Make A Difference!
Judith Liebenthal Robinson, a NASA scientist, was 57 years old when she first noticed something wasn’t right with her body. 

Despite regular exercise and a healthy diet, she was gaining weight in her stomach and her body was undergoing inexplicable changes. Judy was finally diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and passed away 10 months later. 

Before she passed away, Judy expressed her desire to make a difference. 

She wanted to ensure what happened to her did not happen to any other woman. It was her mission to break the silence. 

Our organization is continuing Judy’s Mission by funding research to develop a screening for early detection of ovarian cancer before stage IV, educating women on the symptoms and ultimately finding a cure for the disease. 

Make A Difference Today
Purchase A Custom Fleur de Lis Print Designed 
by Candice Alexander, Fleur de Lis Artist. 
Part of The Proceeds Go Towards Judy's Mission!
About the Artist
Candice Alexander 

Alexander began her 20 year art career peddling her copper engravings at festivals all across the United States. As a starving artist, she lived in her van, printing her work on a small printing press that traveled with her. Determined to be free and make a living with her art, she worked tirelessly for 10 years before becoming and "overnight success". She is now one of the most collected and prolific artists in Louisiana, known predominately for her Fleur De Lis, mixed media designs, original engravings and 3D Art. She lives in a constant creative state, working to share her passion with the world.
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