Lafitte Bridge Crossed Pistols 
A Pirate's Legacy
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Every order comes with a map, history and archived journal entries of Jean Lafitte.  
You can now purchase a replicated custom set of Lafitte Crossed Pistols (Exact Size)
The Legendary Iron Crossed Pistols that line the pedestrian walkway of the 
Interstate 10 Calacasieu River Bridge are 
one of the most iconic symbols
for residents and visitors of Southwest Louisiana. 

The crossed derringer railing designed in 1948 pays homage to Southwest Louisiana’s   
legend of Jean Lafitte. 

Over 5000 sets of crossed pistols line the bridge and draw nationwide attention for their cultural significance to the region. 

Jewelry Information:
Pistols are made of Sterling Silver

Bracelet Cuff is made of Bronze

Sterling Necklace Chain is 18"

Replicated Product Information:
16" Wide
8" Tall
2" Deep
Cast From An Original Set
Exact Size

Made from professional polycast.

One of a kind. Each pistols is unique and made in house at Alexander Art Studio.

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